The attached listing includes most committee chairs and the full roster of several committees. Contact the appropriate chair for more information or to volunteer to serve on a committee. Most individual phone numbers and e-mail addresses are available to members in the printed church directory. You may also contact any of the committee chairs by calling the church or sending a letter to the person’s attention at the church mailing address.

All First Parish Church Committees

Parish Committee

President: Eileen Hiney

Vice President: Janet Dye

Clerk: Stefan Michaud
(508) 946-5684

Treasurer: Kat Gillespie

Members at Large:
Andrew Harding
James Hayes-Bohanan
Janice Stinson

Tone Chimes Choir Director:
Lisa Rue

Religious Education Committee:
Chair: Kristen Babcock
Sonia D’Alarcao
Jenny Donahue
Karen Reed-Messing

Community Minister: 
Rev. Rachel Tedesco

Social Justice Committee
Convener: Betty Gilson

Membership Committee
Chair: Jan Thompson

Green Sanctuary Committee
Chair: Janet Dye

First Principle Project
Convener: Betty Gilson

Nominating Committee:
Deb Baumgarten
Scott Gillespie
Robert Messing