Transgender rights: a family’s journey

Presentations by
Beryl and Vernon Domingo
These presentations will explore gender identity, transgender rights, and the discrimination that transgender people face in their daily lives. It will also include steps that transgender allies can take to advance social and legal rights for transgender people.  As parents of a … read more.

First Parish Green Commitment

As a Green Sanctuary-accredited congregation, First Parish has made a commitment to respect and care for our planet Earth.

At First Parish coffee hours and events, we use

cloth napkins
fairly traded organic coffee and tea
real dishware
real silverware

In our kitchen, we use

non-toxic, responsibly sourced cleaning products
chlorine-free, plant-based dish … read more.


The last line of our Church Covenant is “..and to help one another.” The Caring Committee often takes a lead in
carrying out this part of the covenant. However, there are always other friends who help with various needs as
they arise. It would be … read more.


Sunday, September 23 the morning worship service will be the 14th Annual First Parish Celebration of Peace in Conjunction with the United Nations International Day of Peace. Our theme will be Peace and Reconciliation. In recognition of Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday Vernon Domingo will share … read more.


The September Share the Plate charity will be Matthew 25:40 Mission. This Community Outreach Center is housed
at First parish Church in Taunton. It includes a warming center, coffee bar and food pantry. It was first suggested by
our Youth Group and has received support … read more.


Community Closet is a ministry of the Five Point Cluster of Unitarian Universalist churches of Brockton, Easton, Canton, Foxboro, Sharon and Stoughton. It is physically located in the Brockton UU Church, 325 West Elm Street.

A volunteer group of members from these churches do all the … read more.