Fireflies Flyer

Written by Tony Winters & McKayla Hoffman

Directed by Tony Winters

Produced by David Wilson

November 11th & 12th, 2016

Fireflies is the story of a brother and sister, Atlas and Amelie, who find they are having a hard time trying to deal with each others’ personalities. But when Atlas realizes that Amelie is acting strangely and tries to drag her into the light with the help of his support group, all goes awry and Atlas is forced to learn a lesson from long-forgotten memories of his childhood.



how to buy prednisone for dogs BACK ROW, L to R

Tom St. Thomas as Hugo

Joe Risko as Ollie

Tony Winters as Atlas

McKayla Hoffman as Amelie

Janet Dye as Dr. Finnie Robinson

Jan Thompson as Patrice

follow FRONT ROW, L to R

Deb Baumgarten as Ensemble

Bob Messing as Ensemble

Deb Poessepp as Madeleine

Maren Poesepp as Young Amelie

Max James as Young Atlas

Eileen Hiney as Ensemble

Karen Reed-Messing as Ensemble