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What’s Happening in RE!

Welcome all! We are glad you are here.

Program Goals:

The First Parish Religious Education Committee hopes that our program provides children with opportunities to…

  • develop a sense of wonder about the world
  • explore a wide variety of religious and cultural traditions
  • express their thoughts and feelings
  • make and display their own creative work
  • learn to make responsible, healthy choices
  • form lasting friendships with one another, and achieve a sense of group identity and pride in being a UU
  • stay involved with our church community through high school and beyond

In addition, we hope to involve youth and adult leaders as classroom teachers to broaden their knowledge and experience of their faith and to build a bridge between the generations. Together, the First Parish Cooperative Religious Education Program will nurture the development of confident Unitarian Universalists.


If you are new to First Parish, please read our brochure and fill out the registration form, or see our director to register your child for classes. If you have been coming for a while, also see the Director in order to update our records. We like to keep track of the ages, interests and special needs of our young people.

Adult volunteers

At First Parish we charge no fee for our classes. Our budget for supplies, curriculum and training is granted through the pledges of the church. Our church school is truly a cooperative Children’s Church – each working together for the benefit of all. Therefore, we need your support in many different ways:

  • classroom teachers or aides
  • nursery helpers
  • snack providers
  • “special activity” guests
  • worship leaders
  • chaperons and drivers for field trips

All adult volunteers are required to fill out a CORI request form.

Training and support is provided throughout the year. Please do not be shy. As they say, “many hands make light work.”

Anchor Our Leadership

Leadership of R.E. programs at First Parish is provided by the Religious Education Committee and a professional Director of Religious Education. If you have questions about the First Parish Cooperative Religious Education Program, or would like more information, please feel free to contact

Sara Williams, DRE

Kristen Babcock, RE Chair,  Jenny Donahue, Sonia D’Alarcao, Karen Reed-Messing, members

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