In January 2020, the UUA launched  UU the Vote* – a non-partisan faithinitiative to mobilize voters in the 2020 elections. UU the Vote is working with congregations and other organizations to get thousands of Unitarian Universalists throughout the country to take action to support electoral justice. UU the Vote recognizes that the 2020 elections are critical to the survival of our democracy.  Are you worried about the upcoming elections and voter suppression of black and brown people?  Take action!  Donations to UU the Vote can be made at:  If you can donate time as a volunteer, UU the Vote and UU MassAction, (which organizes MA UU’s to confront oppression) are partnering with Reclaim Our Vote and other organizations throughout the country to promote electoral justice. Reclaim Our Vote is reaching out to millions of voters of color in states where votes are being suppressed to make sure they can cast their vote. Sign up to help fight voter suppression at by sending postcards, texting, or phoning voters in states where voter suppression is taking place.   Thank you for fighting for the right to vote for all. The Social Justice Committee (*For background about UU the Vote and an inspiring video message from the President of the UUA  go to:

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