First Parish Bridgewater’s COVID-19 Guidelines

The COVID Advisory Task Force met this week, and determined that, as of Thursday, April 6, 2023, masking in the sanctuary, as well as other areas of our First Parish church building will no longer be required. We made this decision in light of several factors, including:

1. The CDC’s Public Health Emergency status of the COVID-19 virus is ending on May 11, 2023.

2. Current COVID statistics regarding hospitalizations, and deaths, for Plymouth County, and Massachusetts, have been at a level that has put our county and state in the low risk category for these outcomes for several weeks.

3. There are many tools now available to fight the COVID virus including vaccinations, home testing kits, and new anti-viral medications.

Though masks will no longer be required, they are still one of the best means we have to prevent the spread of COVID, RSV, flu, and other respiratory illnesses. Although it is optional, we still encourage their use, especially when in close proximity to others.

We thank you for your caring concern for our community, and ask that, if you are feeling under the weather, please rest at home, and join our Sunday services on ZOOM.

Thank you all for supporting our First Parish community through these challenging years of the COVID pandemic.

Yours in Faith,

The COVID Advisory Task Force

Jan Thompson, Debbie Baumgarten, Meg Harding