“SWINE!” was the fourth endeavor by the First Parish Players, and the first dinner theater! It was written by FP players’ very own director Tony Winters.

Miss Julia Iverson has invited you – yes you – to dinner, but she has an ulterior motive mind. Throughout the drama that she puts on before you – as she plays tricks on genius lab technicians and ex-husbands – you will find yourself wondering just who is on your side, and who should you trust? Who is the hero, and who is the swine?

June 8 & 9 @ 6:30 PM

Adults $20, Students $15, Children 13 and under $10


L to R:

Cory Winters as Esther Huron

Laurie Lessner as Officer Larue

Kris Roy as Waiter


Jan Thompson as Delilah St. Claire

Tom St. Thomas as James “Porky” Hughes

Andrew Mortarelli as Rodney Felcher

Desiree Krebs as Lily Huron

Alex Smith as Agent Mercury


Alice Roy as Troll

Shara Yabroudy as Troll

Rita Roy as Julia Iverson

Frank Baxter as Vince Thorn

Ben Manchester-Howell as Troll

Evie Manchester-Howell as Troll

Ginger Irish as Waitress

Deb Baumgarten as Waitress