Written by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee

Directed by Tony Winters

Produced by David Wilson


“The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail” follows Henry David Thoreau as he recalls memories of how he found himself in prison for not paying taxes. A slew of characters come into play in Thoreau’s life, including Ralph Waldo Emerson and his wife Lydia, the feared and stern Deacon Ball, and Thoreau’s brother John and mother Cynthia. Ruminating on the teachings of this great modern philosopher, this play will leave audiences with a sense of wonder at the character of a man who has been revered for centuries.

In commemoration of Henry David Thoreau’s 200th birthday, the First Parish Players presented “The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail,” April 21st and 22nd at 7:30 PM at First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Bridgewater.

Starring, L to R:

Patty Smith as The Muse

Deb Baumgarten as Ensemble

Fred Gardiner as Sam Staples

Evie Manchester-Howell as Ensemble/Child

Alex Smith as Deacon Ball

Ben Manchester-Howell as Ensemble/Child

Jan Thompson as Mother

Pat Hart as Lydian Emerson

Joe Risko as Henry David Thoreau

Frank Baxter as Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yasmeen Thompson as Bailey

Ally Madden as Ellen Sewell

Tom St. Thomas as John Thoreau

Diane Roza as Ensemble

Shara Yabroudy as Edith Emerson

Ginger Irish as Ensemble

Max James as Ensemble/Child

Tony Winters: Director