Green Sanctuary Green Tip – Planting Trees

The pleasure of Spring—when the earth is reborn and the leaves reappear.
It’s a good time to plant a tree and reap the benefits they provide:
• Clean water—Trees provide a natural filtration and storage system for water
• Clean air — Trees remove pollution from the atmosphere, improve air quality and produce oxygen.
• Carbon Sequestration—Burning of fossil fuel can put carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and cause climate
change. A tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and 1 ton by 40 yrs of age.
• Tempture control—Planting trees helps reduce”heat island effect” and reduces cooling cost in the summer.
• Wildlife Habitat—Wildlife use trees for food, shelter and nesting.
• Flood Control—Trees hold vast amounts of water and are important in storm manegement.
• Mental Health—Take a walk in the woods! Studies have found that access to nature yields greater mental health .
• Diversity the species of trees to keep them more resistant to disease.

Go to Arbor Day Foundation website for a variety of tree ideal for this area at a reasonable price.
“He that plants trees loves others besides himself”.—Thomas Fuller