Members: co-chairs Betty Gilson and Rev. Rachel Tedesco,; A J Derby, Janet Dye, Susan Holton, Susan Irish, Laurie Lessner, and Lisa Troy

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Continuing Actions

Helping the Hungry

Our Social Justice Committee collects non-perishable food items and paper goods for the local food pantry. We invite you to help the hungry in our local area by bringing these to the church. A collection basket is placed on the stage at the front of the Sanctuary to receive the items, which the Social Justice Committee members gather and deliver to our local food pantry which is housed at Central Square Congregational church.

Feeding the Homeless*

Our church volunteers provide 75 lunches for MainSpring House in Brockton and 25 for Evelyn House, a shelter for the homeless women and their children in Stoughton. We gather the lunches on the first Thursday of each month by 9 a.m. which are then brought to the shelter by two of our volunteers. You can help in many ways, including donating baked goods, other food items, and paper goods as needed, preparing some lunches or simply donating money toward the cost of the lunches, which is about $100 per month for 100 lunches.

Please contact Betty Gilson ( for further information.

The UUSC Coffee Project

In the world, coffee is one of the most heavily traded commodities. Coffee links our communities to farming communities in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Our participation in this project helps small farmers earn a fair price for their products and have access to affordable credit. We buy and serve Equal Exchange (EE) Fairly Traded shade grown coffee during our social hour every Sunday. The Social Justice committee is also selling this gourmet organically grown coffee for your home or office use. If you would like to purchase some beans or other fairly trade EE items such as cocoa, tea or olive oil please contact Janet Dye ( More information can be found in the Parish Hall. Please support this effort and buy yourself some beans, tea or cocoa and a cup of justice!!!

Social Justice Committee Annual Reports