Worship with the Green Sanctuary Committee and Gerry Wright – “Olmsted’s Life & Works: Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence”

Frederick Law Olmsted is known as the founder of American landscape architecture and the nation’s foremost park maker of the 19th century. He was inspired to create places of natural beauty accessible to all. Please join the GSC and Mr. Gerry Wright, who “becomes” Olmsted, for this journey into the life and works of a truly renaissance man.

“Gerry Wright is better known to many as Frederick Law Olmsted! This mighty doppelganger, who is reputed to have read every volume of the Olmsted papers, has introduced Olmsted to diverse audiences from coast to coast. Gerry’s summer camps and play, Frederick Law Olmsted, have brought the famed architect and his principles alive through engaging first-person story-telling” — Excerpted from a testimonial honoring Mr. Wright as the 2020 recipient of the Caroline Loughlin Volunteer Service Award.