Topic: Gratitude

“Flower Communion – Back Home/Father’s Day” – Rev. Paul

At Last! We will gather in person to share our flowers as we mark the end ofthe regular church year in the same way we’ve gathered in years past —except for last year. And as always, we’ll remember and express ourgratitude (and other complicated feelings!) for our fathers. We’ll also takeadvantage of the renewed freedom … Continue reading “Flower Communion – Back Home/Father’s Day” – Rev. Paul

“There’s more to Thanksgiving than giving thanks” with David Roth

A Sermon-in-Song service. David Roth is a “spiritual, not religious” folk artist and renowned songwriter and performer who, over the years, has done many sermon-in-song services in UU churches. This morning David will speak and sing about gratitude and action beyond “thank you” and “sending thoughts and prayers”.