First Parish Bridgewater’s Green Sanctuary Commitment

As we begin a new church year, the Green Sanctuary Committee invites members and friends to review and renew our commitment to the Earth.

First Parish Green Commitment

As a Green Sanctuary-accredited congregation, First Parish has made a commitment to respect and care for our planet Earth.

At First Parish coffee hours and events, we use

  • cloth napkins 
  • fairly traded organic coffee and tea 
  •  sustainable dishware  
  • sustainable silverware

In our kitchen, we use

  • non-toxic, responsibly sourced cleaning products
  • chlorine-free, plant-based dish detergents
  • eco-friendly hand soap
  • re-usable containers for leftovers

In our rest rooms, we use

  • essential oil-based air freshener
  • reusable cloth towels
  • eco-friendly hand soap
  • paper products made from 100% recycled paper

In our sanctuary, we use

  • programmable thermostat
  • projection of service components (music, readings, graphics) to reduce paper and printing

Throughout the church, we use

  • green (solar) electricity
  • energy efficient light bulbs
  • eco-friendly cleaning products
  • practices that reduce waste of  resources (natural light, use of both sides of paper, water conservation, reduction of single-use containers and products)   

  First Parish recycles paper, plastic, cardboard, CDs/cases, and white Styrofoam and hosts a community-wide metal recycling drive annually. We compost kitchen scraps and strive to reduce resource waste as well as eliminate single use products through education and example.

We strongly encourage everyone within the building to support these practices in the church and to make every effort to incorporate them into daily life.