Author: McKayla Hoffman

5 Wishes Workshop Series

Talking about death is not easy. Planning for it is even more challenging. Yet, when we summon the courage to explore and articulate our wishes for our end-of-life care, we connect more deeply to what we cherish most about life. We’re also able to approach … read more.

Spring Semester 2023 Day Parking Passes On Sale!

**PLEASE NOTE: There is no overnight parking permitted at First Parish Bridgewater.**

Attention Bridgewater State University students and Sodexho employees–parking passes are on sale for the spring semester!

If you’d like to pay for your fall parking pass by check, please come by the church … read more.

Green Sanctuary Green Tip of the Month – May 2021

What is Regenerative Gardening?

Regenerative gardening is a microcosm of regenerative farming, a practice that embraces and supports our deep relationship to the earth. Growing practices involve keeping the soil covered, no tilling, encouraging biodiversity, using compost, avoiding the use of chemicals, and creating fertility. Regenerative … read more.