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Purchase a Semester Parking Pass – BSU Students and Sodexo Employees

Day parking passes are available for BSU Students and Sodexo Employees only during the fall and spring semesters. By purchasing a parking pass, all parkers agree to abide by our parking regulations. Please read these regulations before purchasing. *Please note: For security reasons, we do not allow parking overnight. If a vehicle is parked overnight, … Continue reading Purchase a Semester Parking Pass – BSU Students and Sodexo Employees

First Parish Bridgewater’s Green Sanctuary Commitment

As we begin a new church year, the Green Sanctuary Committee invites members and friends to review and renew our commitment to the Earth. First Parish Green Commitment As a Green Sanctuary-accredited congregation, First Parish has made a commitment to respect and care for our planet Earth. At First Parish coffee hours and events, we … Continue reading First Parish Bridgewater’s Green Sanctuary Commitment

Soul Collage

During a One Room Schoolhouse in late January, all ages gathered together to experience Soul Collage. The children and youth looked through a wide assortment of magazine images and chose ones which spoke to them. From there, the individuals worked on their 5×8″ soul collage cards, which were then used to “read” their subconscious — participating … Continue reading Soul Collage

Mystery Baking

Connecting with the church’s December theme of “Mystery,” the entire group of children and youth worked together with A.J. Derby and Louella Mann to see what would happen when heavy cream was poured into a mason jar and shaken by all members of the group. Eventually, the liquid turned into butter! While that butter creation … Continue reading Mystery Baking

Studying White Supremacy

We will be continuing this series in January by reading White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo together. We will meet after coffee hour for discussions on January 6th (through Chapter 5, which ends on p. 87) & 20th (the rest of the book). Please sign … Continue reading Studying White Supremacy

Transgender rights: a family’s journey

Presentations by Beryl and Vernon Domingo These presentations will explore gender identity, transgender rights, and the discrimination that transgender people face in their daily lives. It will also include steps that transgender allies can take to advance social and legal rights for transgender people.  As parents of a transgender son, we share our own personal story … Continue reading Transgender rights: a family’s journey