Worship with Kari Gottfried: “It Doesn’t Stop Here.”

In many organizing spaces, it can often feel like our efforts are futile. After doors have been slammed in our faces, we’ve been yelled at by strangers on the phone, and every lawn sign supporting hate and fears feels like a personal attack, it’s easy to wonder why we even bother when all we do is fail. But we are meant to fall short; nothing we do will be perfect. How can we support each other in this movement and continue to organize on the side of love and justice, to 2021 and beyond?

Karishma Gottfried is a nationally recognized young adult leader in Unitarian Universalism and currently serves as Communications Ministry Specialist at the First UU Congregation of Ann Arbor. She has previously served our Association as General Assembly Youth Dean. Karishma currently studies Religion at Wellesley College and intends to be ordained into UU ministry.


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